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Need those dirty driveways, walkways, porches, and patios cleaned after years of built up dirt, mold, mildew, and algae accumulation? HydroPro’s speciality is Driveway and Concrete Pressure Washing! It is how we got our start years ago and still to this day makes up the majority of our business. With years of experience, we have mastered the concrete cleaning process. We use the best equipment in the industry and incorporate a multi-phase cleaning process that many customers have told us their driveway looks as good as it did when it was brand new!

See the Difference!

Some companies come in and blast your concrete with pure high pressure which can wear the aggregate surface of your concrete. HydroPro uses reduced pressure in conjunction with high water volume to safely and effectively clean concrete.

Some comapnies pressure wash concrete with inferior eqipment that produces a lack luster cleaning and often leaves those striping lines and swirly marks. In addition to industry leading equipment, HydroPro also post treats concrete which kills organics growing deep into the pores of concrete. The result is a longer lasting clean with no stripes and swirl marks.

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